Care Instructions

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Merino wool naturally dries very quickly, so it is not necessary to place Wundersocks in a dryer. Simply air dry on a clothesline, wooden drying rack or towel. And there’s no need to iron merino wool.

Washing machine
1.Turn the sock inside out before washing.
2. Use a laundry detergent without enzymes. We recommend using a Ph-neutral detergent (Woolite type) without fabric softener, bleach or protease (stain remover). 
3. Machine wash in lukewarm water (86-104° F / 30-40° C). If your machine does not have temperature settings, choose delicates/wool or gentle cycle.

1. Use lukewarm water and add a dash of distilled white vinegar or  Woolite or a gentle liquid soap.

Please avoid
Fabric softener
Dryer (If necessary, use the gentle spin cycle.)

Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners are machine washable. Please place them inside a mesh laundry bag and set your machine to a gentle cycle (86°F/30°C). If you don’t have a bag, we recommend turning them inside out so as not to damage the fabrics when washing them with your regular clothes. After you finish, hang Skinners out to dry properly (just as you would dry your regular footwear) and wear them again.

  • Don't use a fabric softener

  • Don't put Skinners in a dryer

  • Don't use bleach