Our Story

Wundersocks Founders

Our Passion Lies in the Great Outdoors.

Wundersocks® is a family business founded in South Tyrol, the northernmost region of Italy and the heart of the Italian Alps. We love being outside, climbing, hiking, and skiing. More than a playground, the mountains are our muse, a constant source of inspiration. The founder of Sport Mairl, Max Mairl spent his life exploring the Alps. Over 40 years ago, he started selling sporting goods from a small garage. Max was always sincere about providing the ultimate curated services for Alpine adventurers from all over the world.

Foot Comfort Starts with a Great Sock.

Often overlooked, we believe that socks are the foundation of every great outdoor experience. Over the years, Max had sold many different sock brands, but after listening to his customers’ complaints of chafing, blisters and foot pain, Max knew he could design a better sock. Since then, Max developed and perfected Wundersocks.

Wundersocks History


The key lies in the durable cushioning and use of the best materials. Italian merino wool is widely recognized as the highest quality merino wool. It is unbelievably soft to the touch, delivering luxurious comfort to your feet. It also helps that Wundersocks uses a higher percentage of merino wool compared to other hiking socks. The result is a new type of merino wool sock that lets you maximize your time spent in nature. So explore all you want. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day.

From the Alps to America.

Today Max’s sons Martin and Lukas are growing the business. While managing Wundersocks in Italy, Martin also works as a ski instructor, getting his students and fellow outdoor enthusiasts to test and evaluate our sock prototypes.

Lukas has ventured out to the Big Apple and have worked and lived in Brooklyn, NY. Now, by popular demand, Lukas is excited to bring our own Wundersocks and Skinners and share with our fans in America. Until now we had a small collection at Bootworks of Park City at the base of Park City Mountain Resort. In winter 2021, we launched a more efficient US online shop with a limited selection of our fan favorites.

If you have any questions or comments about our U.S. collection or just want to say hi, please drop us a line. We love to hear from you.