Skinners 1.0 vs. 2.0 a comparative study

Skinners Sock Shoes 1.0 vs. 2.0

What’s new and what's different?

Barefoot shoes are fully in line with the trend. For our Skinners to reflect the spirit of the time. We have upgraded the successful Skinners 1.0 model with the Skinners 2.0 version. So, from now on, a follow-up model of a brand-new design and with even more toe space is available in our stores. You will be spoiled for the much-praised choice.

To make it easier for you to choose between Skinners 1.0 and Skinners 2.0, we have extensively tested both models for several months in a comparative study. Here’s what our tests revealed.

Extra material is a plus for the climate in the shoe

At first, Skinners 2.0 seem to have gained in mass. Be not deceived, because that is relatively easy and plausible to explain: the 2 millimeter thin insole, which can be flexibly inserted and removed, is perforated (has holes in it). It improves the foot climate. Previously quick slipping in and out is no longer quite as quick for Skinners 2.0 with a slightly higher collar. But as soon as the insole has adapted to the shape of your foot, we’re almost back to the same take-on and take-off speed.

Wearing Comfort

Wearing comfort lightness is almost constant, because the so-called stretch knit (threads) in the Skinners 2.0 model has been improved to reduce odor and increase moisture transfer. This innovation has been designed to facilitate more pleasant foot climate.


Of course, our socks are also gender-neutral. We do not rely on classic roles, all feet are different anyway. For this reason, we are positioning ourselves with the UNISEX cut on the barefoot shoe market. Therefore, we focus on maximum comfort for women AND men.

Skinners 2.0 shine with a greater variety of colorsIn terms of color, there is almost nothing unavailable for Skinners 2.0. If you desire a little more minimalist things, the inconspicuous “Anthracite” model is probably the best for you. Colors like “Aqua”, “Sand” or “Moss” are available for those who want to enjoy the natural variety of colors. The new color palette will help you round off every style and every outfit with the appropriate color tone.

Skinners 2.0: the Sock Shoes

Your wish for a wider toe box was our command. Since listening attentively to customer requests has made us as successful as we are today, we have listened to your feedback and will do so again. Some customers have suggested that a slightly wider toe box would be great: Your wish was our command. With the wider toe box of the Skinners 2.0 model, your toes enjoy increased mobility and greater freedom.

Skinners Sockshoes 2.0 New Colors

More Intermediate Sizes: Improved Fit

We took the expansion of the toe box right away as an opportunity to offer you a closer fit with additional intermediate sizes. You can easily identify the size which is best for you by placing your foot (without socks) on a piece of paper and tracing the outline with a pen. The longest value is the determined foot length, which can then be referred to the right size in the chart below.

Size Chart Skinners 2.0

XXS 36-37 5.5-6.5 4.5-5.5 24 9 1/2
XS 38-39 7-8 6-7 25 9 9/10
S 40-41 8.5-9.5 7.5-8.5 26 10 1/4
M 41-42 9.5-10.5 8.5-9.5 27 10 5/8
L 43-44 11-12 10-11 28 11
XL 45-46 12.5-13.5 11.5-12.5 29 11 2/5
XXL 47-48 14-15 13-14 30 11 4/5

Download the Skinners 2.0 size-guide. 

Do Skinners 1.0 or Skinners 2.0 suit me better?

The strengths of both models are clear and convincing, which is why both models are available in our stores. Therefore, we would like to recommend (just like with other shoes) having both versions of these barefoot shoes as your footwear. If you still want to have only one pair of Skinners, we recommend as follows:

Wider Toe Box x
Removable Insole
Anti-Odor x
Durability up to 370 miles up to 500 miles
High Tech Fibers used 4 6
Wearing Comfort High Premium
Moisture wicking Limited
Foot Protection (sides) partial
In between sizes x


We believe that two criteria are particularly relevant for your choice between Skinners 1.0 and Skinners 2.0: On the one hand, we recommend model 1.0 to customers with particularly narrow feet. On the other hand, you should make your decision based on what you intend to do with the Skinners barefoot shoes.

The results of the comparison test demonstrated activities Skinners 1.0 are particularly well suited for. I particular, these activities include fitness or “softer” and indoor sports like yoga. Skinners 1.0 are also predestined as bathing shoes or watersports footwear, because they are tighter and feel a little easier to wear than Skinners 2.0.

If you suffer from sweaty feet, if avoiding heat accumulation plays a major role for you or you value firmer and more protected foot sole (for example, when cycling, running, camping or hiking), we generally recommend the Skinners 2.0 model.

With these recommendations the decision is in your hands now, because you know best what you want, what you need and what is good for your wellness.

By the way, Skinners 1.0 and Skinners 2.0 go perfectly together with thin socks made of merino wool to make them more comfortable to wear. Why? WUNDERSOCKS, our high-quality socks made of merino wool, are like a second layer of skin. You can find them in our online shop.